If you are thinking about renting goats here is how we work....

1.   We come out and look at your site and give you a free estimate on how what the job will cost.  

2.  We agree to a price for the job, and once a price is agreed upon, that is what we charge.  This lets you know up front what your total cost will be.  If weather interfers or something happens, you are only paying the agreed upon price.

3. We provide portable electric fencing to contain the goats and sheep while they are working. 

4.  We cut down blackberry stalks and small brush to facilitate the goats being able to eat them. 

This is our 16th season in business.  Please be patient as Josh is sometimes busy with the goats and it may take some time for him to respond to e-mails.  

Residential Rentals
Residential Rates:

25 goats: $450 per day (24 hours)

38 goats for 1 day $675

This includes set-up and your blackberry stalks cut down by us so the goats can easily access them.

Please call, text or email us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.